Flat Stanley's Adventures in Illinois and Mexico

Feb. 24, 2009, Saltillo - the Museum of the Desert
Dear Caleb,

Today, Flat Stanley and I visited the Museum of the Desert in Saltillo. It is a very large museum, and it is not limited to things found in the desert. It is really a museum of geology, paleontology, anthropology, and much more. I think that Flat Stanley learned many things today. But it must be said that by the end of the day, he had found himself in trouble several times.

Probably our favorite part of the museum was the exhibit about dinosaurs. It seems that quite a few dinosaur skeletons have been found in Mexico. Here are a few photos, including one photo of Flat Stanley with a skeleton of a small dinosaur. I think he was breaking some rules to be so close to the exhibit. I should have disciplined him then and there... but I let things get out of hand.

After the dinosaur exhibit, we learned some things about Mexico, and its industry. Mexico has a long history of mining. In the past, many Mexican towns grew up around the mining industry. Flat Stanley thought that it would be fun to be a miner. I turned my back for just a moment... and what did I see, Flat Stanley had again climbed into the exhibit. Here you can see him in a mining car on the left, and dressed in a miner's suit on the right. I suppose it's lucky for me that they did not have a mining suit in his very small size, or he might have chosen to stay in Mexico and work in the mines.

I gave Flat Stanley quite a talking to after this, and told him that he would need to behave from now on. Well, this did not work out at all. He became very upset with me, and threatened to run away. In fact, in one exhibit about trains, Flat Stanley tried to hitch a ride on a boxcar to run away. Luckily, I was able to easily catch Hobo Flat Stanley, since the train did not really move.

After we finished the section of the museum about Mexico's industry, we came to the exhibit on evolution and biodiversity. This exhibit showed many animals, from reptiles to mammals. It would have been interesting if Flat Stanley had not again acted out. He found himself in some very dangerous places. I was able to save him both times, but the crocodile incident seemed to shake him up a little. He calmed down after that. At least for a while... (I'm pretty sure that "No Tocar" is Spanish for "Bears love the taste of Flat Stanley.")

The last part of the museum was about the vegetation in Mexico, and specifically, desert vegetation. As you can guess, most of the plants that grow in the desert are from the cactus family. But there are also plants that are called succulents (e.g., the aloe vera plant). I stopped to take a few photos of the various kinds of cactus - and once again Flat Stanley found his way into trouble.

Well, it was not easy to extract Flat Stanley from the cactus. And of course we then had to pull out all of the cactus spines. After that, we were both pretty tired, so we finished our day of tourism.

I hope all is well back in Indiana. I will write more tomorrow.