Flat Stanley's Adventures in Illinois and Mexico

Feb. 22, 2009, Saltillo
Dear Caleb,
Flat Stanley and I arrived in Saltillo Mexico yesterday (Saturday). The flight was fine. We left very early in the morning, 7:35am, and flew from Champaign to Dallas, Texas. From Dallas, we had a connecting flight to the city of Monterrey. Monterrey is a major city, but we had not time to see the sights. We headed straight for the bus terminal and took the bus to Saltillo. Sadly, my camera was packed in my bag, and I wasn't able to take any photos of this part of the journey.

Today, we had a day of sight seeing. Our hotel is on the edge of the main part of the city, so we made a 20 minute walk to reach the center of town. Along the way, we passed a veterinary hospital. Flat Stanley had noticed that there seem to be a lot of dogs here in Saltillo, so he thought we should stop in to learn about the health care options for dogs here in Saltillo. The hospital was closed on Sunday, but I did take this nice photo of Flat Stanley outside.

The city has some nice architecture, but Flat Stanley was particularly fond of the sculptures that are found in various city squares. Here are two photos of Flat Stanley with some of the nicer ones. Unfortunately, the descriptions of these are written in Spanish, and since neither of us speak Spanish, we don't really know what they are. Still, they are quite nice.

After a while, we were pretty hungry, so we started looking for restaurants. Flat Stanley thought the guy below looked pretty nice (and he was willing to pose for the photo with Flat Stanley), but I really wanted to have lunch outside, on a plaza (and, I hate to say this - Flat Stanley wasn't really dressed appropriately to go in to this restaurant). In the end, we found a nice place, with tables outside and Flat Stanley had a delicious lunch of milanesa with french fries, and a salad with fresh avocado (Flat Stanley does not worry about the warnings to tourists that they should not eat fresh fruits and vegetables in Mexico).

We saw many other sights during the day, and by the evening, Flat Stanley was very tired indeed. But - he was still a bit embarrassed about the fact that he didn't understand completely my lecture of the past Friday. So, he insisted on spending some time studying. I'll give my first lecture here at the CINVESTAV tomorrow, and I'm happy to say that Flat Stanley will be well prepared. I am very impressed that he is eager to do his homework, even when traveling in Mexico.

I hope all is well back in Indiana. I will write more tomorrow.