ECE 470
Introduction to Robotics

      University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Date Topic Assignments  
Aug. 29 General introduction and overview of the course Read Chap. 1
Aug. 31 Rotation matrices, SO(n) Read 2.1, 2.2
Sep. 5 Coordinate transformations, composition of rotations Read 2.3, 2.4
Sep. 7 Homogeneous transformations, Coordinate transformation examples Read 2.6, 2.7
Sep. 12 Parameterizations of SO(3), Euler Angles Read 2.5  
Sep. 14 Similarity transformations, rotations w.r.t. the fixed frame, axis/angle representation  
Sep. 19 Forward kinematics: Denavit-Hartenberg convention and the derivation of D-H transformation matrix, assigning link frames using the DH convention.  Read 3.1 and 3.2
Sep. 21 Forward kinematics examples  
Sep. 26 Open Discussion Session on using ROS for lab assignments.
Since most of you have not used ROS before, and since many of you may not be familiar with C++ programming, this lecture will be devoted to answering any questions you may have and explaining any difficult concepts.
Sep. 28 Guest Lecture: Professor Girish Chowdhury
Oct. 3 Forward kinematics examples, Spherical wrist  
Oct. 5 Inverse kinematics: geometric method, two-link planar arm, elbow manipulator Read 3.3
Oct. 10 Inverse kinematics: kinematic decoupling, SCARA arm, spherical wrist.  
Oct. 12 Guest Lecture: Professor Hae-Won Park  
Oct. 17 No Class  
Oct. 19 Exam 1  
Oct. 24 Computer vision overview, segmentation statistics review
Oct. 26 Segmentation by minimizing within-group variance, recursive formulation for within-group variance Read 11.3
Oct. 31 Connected components, moments, position and orientation in binary images Read 11.4-11.5
Nov. 2 Imaging geometry and Camera calibration Read 11.1-11.2
Nov. 7 Angular velocity, so(3) and the derivative of a rotation matrix   Read 4.1-4.3
Nov. 9 Velocity of a point attached to a moving frame, addition of angular velocities Read 4.4-4.6
Nov. 14 The Manipulator Jacobian
Nov. 16 TBD  
Nov. 21 FALL BREAK  
Nov. 23 FALL BREAK  
Nov. 28 Example manipulator Jacobians  
Nov. 30 Manipulator singularities Read 4.9
Dec. 5 TBD  
Dec. 7 Exam 2  
Dec. 12 TBD